Portrayed by

Bastiaan Ragas

First appearance

Black magic (ep 1.06)

Last appearance

Baby Love (ep 1.08)



Max is a waiter at a pick-up bar, where at one night he meets Claire van Kampen. Though there is quite an age-difference, they end up kissing all night long. They start an affair, but it comes to an end when Claire decides his financial status does not suffice to her standards, therefore she chooses rich, married friend Robert Bovenlander. Max is torn, claiming he loves her very much and that money is not important, but Claire decision to break up with him is unanimous. In the finale episode of the first season, Max has an idea to earn them loads of cash, and Claire sceptically goes along. They succeed, by swindling a bunch of casinos. It soon ends when Claire is knocked in a coma, and we later find out Max has been arrested an put in jail.

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